The Fact About Unable to delete YouTube video and close account That No One Is Suggesting

Members were arbitrarily to shut down the account or delete the movies she uploaded on YouTube, Google, which was put under sanctions by simply the Fair Trade Commission.

The commission has 14 " Google, Naver, Naver and Kakao, including four domestic and overseas online operators throughout the 10 types of provisions, to correct the unfair terms and even conditions into consideration terms of service. Action, said.

① member involving the work is unfair terms for using a wide range involving 10 set by the FTC ② delete content providers ' fragmentario agenda, service termination service disruptions ③ prior permission. ④ service deal, and collecting personal information from a comprehensive agreement without notice, the particular content or service terms and conditions changes as ⑤ ⑥ membership of the contents of the collection of excessive personal information. On the market or stop using the service, but the content providers to remove duplicate content and ⑦ ⑧ unjust jurisdiction immunity agreement with me, comprehensive industry owner's unfair rebate. ⑩ Loss as comprehensive agreements on a standard service agreement and additional terms and conditions.

Google was pointed out there that need remedial in eight of these items (① ~ ⑧). 4 'voluntary corrective', (① ~ ④) is 'recommendation of correction' one particular stage's a high level of action.

The commission will delete articles or without notice to terminate the accounts of Google, which plus that he would restrict the rights of the members was (②). "reason for deleting content or to terminate the account is precise and reasonable. " said Won Sei-hoon, director of the individual announcement to object to the fact or given a chance to correct. And straw, said.

Google is using copyrighted material, such as movies she uploaded the members of the permission can create derivative functions to allow comprehensive provisions made (①). In addition, in advance. The exact responsibility 'Members are regularly 안전놀이터추천 checks to see. ', and change free of notice clause and (③) 'Create account' 'consent' on the screen press button is pressed. Comprehensive agreement in the course of processing personal facts to as (④).

Itaewi commission case review manager, said Google's conditions and conditions after the examination of the commission, ① ~ ④ item about the voluntary announcement that they will rectify or cook themselves don't within 60 days. Has issued a recommendation of punition to fix it, explained.

The commission recommendation of correction within 59 days after the company make 'an order of correction, ' in the event that they fail to do this. Ordered to redress by 60 days after filing a complaint with the prosecution, if you don't look into.

On the other hand, receiving the commission's review, Facebook (①③⑥⑧⑩) by using Google, Naver (⑦), cacao (②③⑥⑦⑨) the voluntary corrective or soon made a decision to do it.

The commission has "this may be reviewed in terms and conditions are prescribed by Google's headquarters in South Korea, as well as common in the world. " points out, very well the commission's accepts it. Changing terms and conditions together, the mind office said.

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